The Tallest Man On Earth - 'I Love You, It's A Fever Dream'


When singer-songwriter Kristian Matsson was producing his last studio album 'Dark Bird Is Home' back in 2015, his whole world seemed to have been turned upside down. After suffering the death of a loved one, he also found himself in the midst of a divorce, leading the themes of that record down a very dark road that seemed at odds with the frontman's usually optimistic outlook on life. But after his flurry of standalone single releases which formed last year's EP 'When the Bird Sees Solid Ground', he seems much more reassured this time around as he releases his progressive return in the form of 'I Love You, It's A Fever Dream'.

While clearly still a record about loss and tragedy, 'I Love You, It's A Fever Dream' feels much more uplifting than its predecessor. Rather than dwell on the negatives of his world, we see a far more confident individual at the helm, showcasing that despite his troubles, he still feels ok and wants to make the most of his life again. This juxtaposition of bleak and forward-thinking emotional states has resulted in an extremely emotive and heartfelt collection that see the singer-songwriter finding his feet once again, and delivering a record of sublime elegance that still manages to resonate plenty of hope within its lyrical flow.

Much like his earlier work, 'I Love You, It's A Fever Dream' taps into that blissfully beautiful world of romantic folk-pop he knows so well, and results in a far more well-rounded release than we thought at this point in his career. His playful approach to production, normally flipping guitars for other stringed instruments, adds a strong layer of diversity to this album's overall sound and makes for a wonderfully enjoyable listen.

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