The Wytches - 'Three Mile Ditch'


Things have been rather tough for Brighton's psych-rock heroes The Wytches over the last few years. Despite a huge level of buzz surrounding their seminal full-lengths 'Annabel Dream Reader' and 'All Your Happy Life' in 2014 and 2016 respectively, the group had found themselves faltering in both output and live dates in recent times, which ultimately led to the departure of drummer Gianni Honey last year. But not ones to give up so easily, the now trio returned earlier this year with a wave of impressive new singles and now look to cement their comeback with their third LP 'Three Mile Ditch', a record that sees them get darker than ever before.

While the gloomy demeanour has always been intrinsic to The Wytches aesthetic since they began, there is something truly forlorn about this new collection, as if they are in mourning to themselves. Although it does contain plenty of bold and vibrant cuts throughout, 'Three Mile Ditch' sees itself as almost the end to a diverse and dramatic saga as the band move from one brooding release to the next. While we hope this isn't a precursor to the band's demise in the near future, there is something eerily beautiful about this feeling they give off, showing us a more multifaceted direction to themselves from start to finish.

'Three Mile Ditch' isn't the most electrifying or energetic comeback record we have heard this year, but it does make for a captivating listen. Never feeling like it is pandering to outside influences, the band move and groove their way through this collection, creating a deep and atmospheric vibe at almost every turn.

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