Arca - 'Mutant'


Arriving just a year after his debut album 'Xen', abstract producer Arca has now delivered a bold and vibrant follow-up in the form of 'Mutant'. Having spent some of the last twelve months working on Bjork's 'Vulnicura' album, it is clear why the sheer bombastic introduction to this new record aims to both alienate and intrigue. This new full-length is less about making music and more of an artistic attempt at explaining the producer's current state of mind.

With its erratic beats and ear-piercing electronics, 'Mutant' spends a lot of its time trying to get you to turn away. While the album is clearly a brilliantly playful collection of left-of-centre material, its lack of intention does sometimes leave you feeling like you are at Arca's mercy as he continues to force harsh sounds further into your cranium. But while this album does tread a fine line between genius and madness, you always have this sense of captivation within it.

'Mutant' certainly is a strange album. While it is clearly an eccentric record, you do find that sometimes his intentions do become lost within the mania. A strong release if not hard to follow at times.

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