Julio Bashmore - 'Knockin' Boots'


In the contemporary world of modern house music, most producers don't bother themselves with full album releases. Most can easily get by releasing the odd single or short EP a couple of times a year to maintain their handle on the scene, but it seems the urge got to clubbing favourite Julio Bashmore. Having been a staple of nightclubs up and down the country for the best part of five years, the Bristol-based producer has delivered his disco-tastic debut album.

While his name was formed as a man who can make any bassline the riff of a tune, 'Knockin' Boots' seems to see him take on a more cohesive sound. Rather than looking to impress the listener with a single production, each track is written to compliment the next one and shows that this release is intended to be listened to as a whole. Still packed with his usual eccentricities towards production, namely the sudden stops and jolts, this record has an incredible pace that is hard to find fault with.

With its synth-heavy sound and clear disco influence, 'Knockin' Boots' is definitely the album to bring out for any summertime party. It has got a rhythm and flow that just can't be measured, you just have to get into it and let it take over.

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